If you are in Arzan field near the Ceremony to Apprentice<<Path to Knighthood>> quest
*The Quest where you get level 101 Cape(First cape)
An easy form to arrive Arzan Town is this Bug i found.muhahah ^o^

Just walk inside those cannons ………


And you will get an automatically teleportation….

Dun waste your money in Scrolls  ^^

   I hope GMs dun check my Blog xD


Making money (for newbies)

this is an easy form to make money  killing weak monsters

first go to the Griffin Master then select “Spirit Guardian” and Comfirm

A beautiful Griffin will take you towards the Spirit Guardian

Then you can keep killing in Auto CC mode over there specially where mosters appear in large numbers

 The main Drop you need is the quest ticket candle that cost around 50k each

so now you can make your own business selling candles 🙂

good luck !